Avocado Pizza and a Miracle



Amy’s Vegan Margarita Pizza with avocado slices is uh-may-zing! I mean, how could it not be? I definitely recommend this combo… I added some sea salt which was the perfect finishing touch.

Well, the impossible has happened. Hell has frozen over, pigs have flown, it’s a miracle! My meat and cheese loving boyfriend has agreed to go vegan for 6 months! Ok, “agreed” is stretching the truth. He lost a bet, but nonetheless, we are now in a 100% vegan household! He has made it through 2 weeks and is going strong. And, it’s so nice to not come home to the smell of him cooking burgers or chicken. This is truly a miracle!


4 thoughts on “Avocado Pizza and a Miracle

  1. Lost a bet? That’s classic, but I bet by the time you’re done, he is totally on board. I love this combo, and will try it soon. I put chopped avocado in a simple tomato sauce and have that over brown rice pasta, all the time. Did you add the avocado at the beginning, or closer to the end of the cooking time?

  2. 1) Adding avocado to this already awesome pizza is a stroke (slice?) of genius. 2) Have fun with the bet – my bet is your bf will end up liking vegan fare more than he thinks!

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