Couch 2 5k


I’m doing it! Although my diet is pretty clean, I still want to drop some weight and make sure I’m getting in enough cardio in addition to the strength training that I do.

I found an app called C25K Free that keeps track of the jogging and walking intervals, which is awesome!

I’m no stranger to the elliptical or
treadmill, but for some reason I have been really intimidated to run in public. I’m really looking forward to being able to run 3.1 miles nonstop!

Are there any runners out there with advice?


5 thoughts on “Couch 2 5k

  1. Best of luck! I’m not a professional runner or anything, but I’ve done a few races here and there. It depends on the person, but I LOVE running outside vs inside – more freedom somehow? I think you’re going to have a blast with this.

      • I think when I started running, I did about 3 months of running before “racing” (I never felt like I was competing, just trying to get through the whole thing without walking). Working toward a race was really great motivation though!

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