What do you make for the week?



What do you like to make so that you have healthy meals all week? My go-to, healthy, time saving recipes usually are veggie pasta salads, which stay fresh and store easily. I’ll be eating the one posted above for a few days! I threw in corn, carrots, peas, pepitas, black olives, sea salt, garlic, and sesame oil. Delicious!


5 thoughts on “What do you make for the week?

      • Very similar, not strictly a cold dish though for me. The good thing is that you can pretty much put anything with the pasta and it will be tasty and filling. The last one I had I first boiled and flavoured the pasta, then fried up seasoned peppers – red, yellow, green ones, onions, garlic, tomatoes then poured the kit caboodle into the pasta and mixed it up.
        I could have added so much more to it, but wanted a quick dish.
        Very tasty. very filling although very more-ish! Plus there is a thing about this dish in that it taste better the longer you store it. Have you noticed?

  1. I usually stay away from pastas, but I’ll go for something like this with quinoa. Though lately I’ve been going for (boxed) pearled couscous… which seems like a pasta, actually. lol

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